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Speech Therapy

Speaking Problems

Oromyofacial Issues and Speaking Problems

Has your child been in speech therapy, working on the same sound for 6+ months and not seen any changes? This is a warning sign that structurally - something is amiss.* Typical articulation therapy isn’t enough if there are structural issues (e.g., a tongue tie) and muscle weakness and deficits that need to be addressed. Myofunctional therapy assesses the structures of the mouth and face, as well as the whole body, when evaluating articulation errors.

*In typically developing children.

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BreatheWorks clinicians analyze your speech both in structured tasks and conversation, and map your voice quality, resonance and pitch. Our team develops individualized treatment plans to re-educate core body support, posture, respiration, and orofacial musculature. This can be a complex strategy involving your tongue, lips, jaw, pharynx, and head and neck muscles. The aim is optimal mobility, range of motion, symmetry, strength, and coordination. It is a full-body approach. Each person is unique, of course, but we are often able to treat and discharge in 3 or 4 months.


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Our Clinics

Lake Oswego Clinic

15630 Boones Ferry Road, Suite 6

Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

Phone: 971-346-0355

Fax: 833-262-1495

Camas Clinic

403 NE Sixth Ave

Camas, Washington  98607

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Eugene Clinic

1445 Willamette Street Ste. 3

Eugene, Oregon 97401

Phone: 971-346-0355

Fax: 833-262-1495

Portland Clinic

3109 NE Broadway 

Portland, Oregon 97232

Phone: 971-346-0355

Fax: 833-262-1495

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