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New Patients

How to become a Patient

To help make your first visit to our practice as smooth as possible, please read through our web page. You'll find everything you need. You need not print anything out. 


Your insurance company may require that you obtain a referral from your current healthcare provider before becoming a patient. Please check your policy. You may need to obtain authorization from your insurance company before scheduling your appointment.

Scheduling your first Appointment

You may request an appointment directly through our website appointments link or by phoning us. Or, if you prefer, your current healthcare provider can manage your referral to us for you. If you have questions along the way, please feel free to talk with us through our chat feature (bottom right on your screen). 

Preparing for your first Appointment

When you come for your first appointment, please bring the following:

  • Your insurance card

  • A list of your current medications

  • Your contact information (telephone number, mailing address, email address)

  • Details of your medical history

  • Your co-pay

We will be evaluating your posture, respiration, and lip, tongue, and jaw function. We will also evaluate your swallow -- if you have any strict dietary restrictions or preferences, please bring in a crunchy snack of your choice. 


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Eating Problems


Crainiofacial Pain Treatment

Speech Therapy

Speaking Problems

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Free E-book


Sleeping Problems

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“We are absolutely delighted with BreatheWorks' prompt, intelligent management of our daughter's sleep-disordered breathing issues.”

Alexa G, Oregon

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