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Let's work together

We receive referrals regularly from dentists and orthodontists, internists, ENT's, pulmonologists, neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists, educators, and others. Please download our e-book below and see what practice research says about this professional collaboration.

Physicians, please be aware of our interdisciplinary clinic for complex pain cases on Fridays, with Dr. Suzie Bergman, DDS, Orofacial Pain Dentist, Corinne Jarvis, SLP, and Sasha Vidalon, SLP, Oromyofunction Disorder Specialists, and Aimee Jackson, PT, and Kelly Reed, PT, TMD Physical Therapists, Licensed Behavioral Health Support specialists and Registered Nurse Practitioners.

Download our Referral Form here

Fax it to us at (833) 262-1495

If you have any questions call us at (971) 346-0355

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