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Article alert: Speech and language therapy in primary progressive aphasia: a critical review

There is an excellent review article just out on primary progressive aphasia (PPA), a complex language-led dementia syndrome. There being no effective pharmacotherapies available, speech and language therapies are the only treatment for maximizing communication for as long as possible.

The article is, ‘Taylor-Rubin C, et al. Speech and language therapy in primary progressive aphasia: a critical review of current practice’ (Expert Rev Neurother. 2021 Apr;21(4):419-430. doi: 10.1080/14737175.2021.1897253).

The authors present an overview of current speech-language therapy practices in PPA, highlighting recent research on effective treatments.

They describe the challenges in practice, and highlight ways of improving access to speech-language therapy by advocating for increased referral rates. The authors also suggest effective incorporation of innovative technologies in treatment and an enhanced evidence base for the utility of lexical retrieval treatment in improving everyday communication as challenges for the future. Finally, they point out, increased provision of PPA-specific education and support for individuals and their families is required.

MyoNews from BreatheWorksTM is a report on trends and developments in oromyofunctional disorder and therapy. These updates are not intended as diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease or syndrome.

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