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TMJ Treatment

Oromyofacial Issues and Craniofacial Pain Treatment

Did you know?

Unexplained pain in the head, face, and neck frequently have their origin in

oromyofacial disorders (OMDs).

Is your tongue lightly suctioned to the roof of your mouth? Are your lips closed without tension? How is your breathing? Is it light and right and diaphragmatic? Or do these tasks feel challenging and foreign? 

There may be some temporomandibular dysfunction that is playing a big role in your life. Some people grind or clench their teeth during the day or when sleeping. Are your muscles weak or overly tender to the touch? Many experience high levels of anxiety, difficulty focusing, and even depression due to craniofacial pain.

These problems can arise from an inappropriate head-forward posture, exacerbated by phone and device use. (For every one inch your head is forward out of alignment - you add TEN pounds of pressure onto the cervical spine!)

We can help! 

The BreatheWorks approach works to balance the oral, facial, head, neck, and core muscles to function with more ease, therefore creating less pain. We passionately work with clients of all ages to minimize/correct these issues.

Tell us what you are experiencing.

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How We Can Help

Intervention is as varied as the root cause. Broadly, it involves re-education of your core body support, posture, respiration, and orofacial musculature. This can mean involving your tongue, lips, jaw, pharynx, or head and neck muscles – all in light of your general posture. The aim always is optimal mobility, range of motion, symmetry, strength, and coordination. For most syndromes we can treat and discharge in 3 or 4 months. 

For complex pain cases, we hold an interdisciplinary clinic on Fridays, with Dr. Suzie Bergman, DDS, Orofacial Pain Dentist, Corinne Jarvis, SLP, and Sasha Vidalon, SLP, Oromyofuncation Disorder Specialists, and Aimee Jackson, PT, and Kelly Reed, PT, TMD Physical Therapists, Licensed Behavioral Health Support specialists and Registered Nurse Practitioners.

Talk, eat, sleep, breathe better.

Feel better.

BreatheWork Clinics

Phone: 971-346-0355

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Our Clinics

Lake Oswego Clinic

15630 Boones Ferry Road, Suite 6

Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

Phone: 971-346-0355

Fax: 833-262-1495

Camas Clinic

403 NE Sixth Ave

Camas, Washington  98607

Phone: 971-346-0355

Fax: 833-262-1495

Eugene Clinic

1445 Willamette Street Ste. 3

Eugene, Oregon 97401

Phone: 971-346-0355

Fax: 833-262-1495

Portland Clinic

3109 NE Broadway 

Portland, Oregon 97232

Phone: 971-346-0355

Fax: 833-262-1495

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