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Breathe Better, Sleep Better, Talk Better, Eat Better,
Feel Better.

We are experts at optimizing airway function, craniofacial development, and biomechanical well-being in the head and neck. We improve the quality of your life with a whole-body approach to assessment and treatment.

We've Got You

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Oromyofunctional Therapy

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Eating Better

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Breathing Better

Speech Therapy

Speech-Language Therapy


Sleeping Better

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Crainiofacial Pain Treatment


TMJ Dysfunction

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Talking Better

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We See You

You are more than a set of problems. You are a whole person, who is complicated and nuanced. We can help the true you.

In Infancy

We frequently find breast-feeding complications, due to tethered oral tissues or weak or tense facial muscles, and sometimes oral aversion. Small children often present with eating problems related to breathing and swallow coordination and delayed function of tongue, lips, and jaw muscles. We work as a team to develop proper breathing, oral rest posture, swallowing, and sound production into the unified body-regulating action that it needs to be. 

In Children

Dental malocclusion is common (high, narrow palate, crossbite, etc.), and inappropriate mouth-breathing, which itself can lead to sleep disordered breathing (sometimes as superficial as snoring, but other times as more serious sleep apnea). As well, children without oromyofacial coordination can present with picky diet problems, articulation disorders, a faux-ADHD syndrome (because they aren’t breathing well and under-sleeping), or even digestion problems, particularly in the oral phase of their swallow (because they swallow under-chewed food, and their swallow action does not stimulate their vagal complex properly). We see frequent ear infections, too, because of compressed and undrained eustachian tubes. Chronic mouth-breathing children are even a higher than normal allergic response population, because they bypass the upper airways’ natural nasopharyngeal filtration mechanism – thus their frequent tonsil and adenoid infections.

In Teens

Orthodontic relapse is frequent. As well, they can present with high levels of anxiety. They may grind or clench their teeth frequently, usually in sleep. They complain of tension headaches. Typically they have an inappropriately head-forward posture, exacerbated by phone and device use. 

In Adults

Headaches and other tension pain are very common. TMJ dysfunction often needs to be addressed as well. Proper oral rest position is critical, particularly in younger adults. The tongue alone continues to act as palatal expander as maxillary growth and development continues through the early twenties. As well, sleep disordered breathing, swallowing issues, voice disorders, or prolonged articulation problems can appear at this, as in any other, stage. 


For patients with acquired voice and swallowing disorders, we offer in-house specialist evaluation and rehabilitation. These include pre- and post-operative support in head and neck cancer, restorative therapy for neurodegenerative disorders like ALS, MS, Parkinson’s or Huntington’s disease, and speech and swallow care in airway dysfunction, stroke, aphasias, or traumatic brain injury. Our specialist teams can also help in gender-affirming voice treatment and accent reduction. 

Meet Your Team

We are a team of cross-trained and highly collaborative practitioners. We believe everyone can sleep better, breathe better, talk better, think more clearly, function optimally, and enjoy life more. The Breatheworks approach focuses on evaluating and treating speech and oromyofunctional disorders, expressive and receptive language issues, cognitive-communication deficits, and fluency disorders in adults, children, and infants. 


We are experts at addressing problems related to feeding and swallowing, sleep-disordered breathing, tongue thrust, oral habits (thumb sucking, nail biting), craniofacial pain and tension, oral hygiene, relapsed orthodontia, focus/attention, anxiety, gut regulation, impeded airway, TMJ dysfunction, chronic congestion, voice, and speech. We are active in the academic medical communities, we lecture, we present, we educate and we advocate. We’re here for you, believe in what we do because it works.

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Corinne Jarvis, M.S., SLP, CST

Founder / CEO

Speech Language Pathologist


Sierra Corbin, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

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Leslie Serna

Practice Manager

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Christina Goodheart, M.A., CCC-SLP, BCSS, CST

Speech Language Pathologist

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Morgan Tice



Cynthia Lundy, M.S. CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist, Clinical Site Director - Bend

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Sacha Lodge, B. S., RDH, OMT

Oromyofuncitonal Disorder Specialist

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Linda Thompson, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist


Paula Hawkins, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

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Joria Koons, B.S., RDH

Oromyofunctional Disorder Specialist


Aminah Kamawal, M.S., CF-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist 

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Kate Crimmins, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist


Anita Stryker, M.S., CF-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

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Stacey Mueller, B.S., RDH

Oromyofunctional Disorder Specialist

Happy Man

Here For You

We are here for you because you are more than a set of problems. At Breatheworks we’ve developed a patient-centric model working collaboratively with your primary providers to identify, assess and solve dysfunction and improve the quality of your life. We work closely with practitioners from otolaryngology to neurology because we know that airway and breathing dysfunction is complicated and it takes a team and a whole-body approach to solve many of the problems we see.

This is what we do because we love helping people and changing lives.

On Your Team

We are trained to assess and recognize how improper use of head and throat anatomy can complicate, or even cause, a wide range of syndromes and disorders. Our therapeutic model is non-invasive, interdisciplinary, and individualized, to address the root causes of dysfunction and optimize treatment outcomes. We educate dentists, orthodontists, educators, and primary care providers on how to assess and identify early signs of dysfunction so that we can work together on root causes and solutions. Our goal is to avoid or minimize medical intervention when possible and focus on the quality of life and course of treatment.

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Our Goal

We believe that everyone can sleep better, breathe better, eat better, and feel better. We will find the most noninvasive solution that keeps you focused on the things that matter most to you. We are your collaborator in this journey to good health and better quality of life. Together we can restore natural head and neck rest posture, ensure light and right diaphragmatic breathing, optimal swallow, speech, and voice function, and relieve any oropharyngeal biomechanical impediment that may complicate or cause any possibly related problem.

Our Clinics

Lake Oswego Clinic

15630 Boones Ferry Road, Suite 6

Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

Phone: 971-346-0355

Fax: 833-262-1495

Camas Clinic

411 NE Sixth Ave

Camas, Washington  98607

Eugene Clinic

The Wilcox Building

492 E 13th Ave Ste. 200

Eugene, Oregon 97401

Phone: 971-346-0355

Fax: 833-262-1495

Portland Clinic

3332 N Lombard St Unit C

Portland, Oregon 97232

Phone: 971-346-0355

Fax: 833-262-1495

Phone: 971-346-0355

Fax: 833-262-1495

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Bend Clinic

593 NW York Avenue

Bend, Oregon 97703

Phone: 971-346-0355

Fax: 833-262-1495

Gresham Clinic

1954 SE 182nd Ave.

Portland, OR 97233

Phone: 971-346-0355

Fax: 833-262-1495

Por favor díganos si necesita una hablante de español

Our Affiliates

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