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Integrative Therapeutics MDB
Craniofacial Pain Clinic

Medical, Dental, Behavioral Healthcare
Conservative Management of Orofacial Pain

Biopsychosocial Model:

Treating the whole person. A unique set of interrelated factors that either perpetuate or protect from an illness, including temporomandibular joint dysfunction. It's necessary to understand the big picture because the strategies for patient management will have greater success than any single treatment directed at only one part.

Meet Your Team hosted at the BreatheWorks Lake Oswego site:

Dr. Suzie Bergman, DDS, Dentistry on Officers Row (360) 693-9349 in Vancouver, WA

   Orofacial Pain Dentist

Corinne Jarvis, SLP of BreatheWorks (971) 346-0355

   Oromyofuncation Disorder Specialist

Aimee Jackson, PT & Kelly Reed, PT, Therapeutic Associates Cedar Hills, (503) 292-3583

   TMD Physical Therapists

Licensed Behavioral Health Support & Registered Nurse Practitioner joining soon

Integrative Therapeutics-Medical, Dental, and Behavioral Healthcare. This collaborative clinic is a group of practitioners coming together to practice independently yet under one roof, at BreatheWorks, Lake Oswego, Oregon. We are coming together because we understand the necessity of a team of providers communicating together toward the goal of improving your overall physical, dental, and mental health.Our monthly clinic offers patients the advantage of a multi-professional team of providers for the management of orofacial pain problems. A group of healthcare providers specializing in this area will work together to determine the cause of your pain and the best, personalized course of treatment for you. We are so pleased to collaborate with you on your journey toward wellness and look forward to working with you. In order to make the most of our time together, we ask that you request records from previous providers and specialists and bring any relevant labs, imaging, and pathology reports that you have in your possession. It is important for us to review your current medications, dosages, and over-the-counter supplements. Please either bring all of your medications and supplements in their original bottles or take a photo of the labels on each bottle for the doctor to review.

Dr. Suzie Bergman will complete a comprehensive orofacial exam and review your health history for overlapping medical conditions. To assure optimal outcomes, her differential diagnosis will allow her to develop an appropriate treatment plan based on clear objectives for your specific condition. She will offer treatment modalities which you may opt to receive in the office. Dr. Suzie's philosophy is evidence-based, offering treatments that are reversible and noninvasive. These may include:occlusal appliance therapy, trigger point injections, Botox®, and nutritional recommendations. Dr. Suzie will also explain what you can do to manage your condition through behavioral modifications.


The Speech Pathologist will be evaluating oropharyngeal function in rest posture, respiration, speech, chewing, and swallowing. We offer a crunchy snack and water but if you have any dietary restrictions or strong preferences please bring a snack (crunchy if you are able, like a cracker).


Our Physical Therapist will be evaluating the role the whole body plays in your orofacial pain. Please wear comfortable clothing that is not too loose-fitting.


We are available at (503) 420-7744 or to answer any questions you may have, as we are here to help you and wish for you to have an informative, comfortable, and uplifting experience.


  •  Differential Diagnosis of  Temporomandibular Disorders

  •  Headache Classification

  •  Sleep Disorders

  •  Mental Health Considerations

  •  Oromyofunctional Disorders

  •  Nutritional Impact

  •  Musculoskeletal Contributors

  •  Pain Impact on Daily Living

Pain Management Strategies:

  • Evaluating the Adaptability of the Individual

  • Identifying Complexity: Acute vs. Chronic

  • Pain Reduction

  • Improved Function and Wellbeing

  • Perpetuating vs. Alleviating Factors

  • Behavioral Modifications

Cost of Evaluations:

Orofacial pain differential diagnosis with

Dr. Suzie Bergman, DDS: $380

- will receive a superbill from the doctor's office (Dentistry on Officers Row)

Disclaimer - BreatheWorks does not receive any financial benefit from the work that Dr. Bergman does at our site. We are just working to reduce barriers to access of care.


Oropharyngeal functional evaluation with a Speech Pathologist: $325 in network with many insurance companies)

Physical Therapist Screening: Complimentary

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How We Can Help

Our in-depth evaluation will be with our interdisciplinary team consisting of a specialized dentist, speech pathologist, physical therapist, and mental health specialist. 


1. Differential Diagnosis of Temporomandibular Disorders

2. Headache Classification

3. Sleep disorders

4. Mental Health Considerations

5. Oromyofunctional Disorders

6. Nutritional Impact

7. Musculoskeletal Contributors

8. Pain Impact on Daily Living

Pain Management Strategies: Evaluating the Adaptability of the Individual Identifying complexity: acute vs. chronic Pain reduction Improved function and wellbeing Perpetuating vs. alleviating factors Behavioral modifications

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